Classic & New Apps Showing Different Monitoring Status

Hi folks,

I’ve noticed that the Classic App correctly shows my monitoring status but the New App doesn’t.

I’m testing it on two devices both using my WiFi.

The Classic App arms the system immediately and show armed stay or armed away no problem.

If I then swap to the new app it still shows the system as disarmed. A manual push of the button in the app arms it, but takes ages.

If I disarm in the Classic App but and then arm in the new app the classic doesn’t update as the system being armed.

I also tried using the new app to run some scenes earlier. They took an age to run, whereas the Claasi app and even Alexa ran them instantly.

Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening please.



Smart Home Monitor (SHM) in the Classic app and SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) in the new app are two completely separate apps. Changes made in one is not reflected in the other.

You would need to create Automations in the new app to arm/disarm STHM


not really sure, we may need to see a screenshot of the scene. A scene should run the same in both apps

See the FAQ:

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