SHM Not Triggering Sirens?

SHM is detecting an intrusion, and saying it is turning on the siren (and it’s configure to do so, with 3 sirens no less) and not a single one is going off.

Anyone else having this issue?

I had the same problem. I had to remove and re-add the sirens twice before it started working. I will earn you however that now I cannot get SHM from sounding the sirens even though the mode is set to home. It didn’t do that right away so it is a problem new to ST.

Which siren?

I just used my normal routine to turn on a light & disarm my SHM to take out the dog… the light turned on(indicating to me that the routine ran) but when I opened a door the SHM sounded the alarm and triggered the light alerts. My notifications in the app also indicated that the SHM was turned off and then after it still triggered an intrusion.

I just recently added a siren (GoControl) in the last 7-10 days, but believe I only have had this issue the last two nights.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon so I don’t wake my wife at 1am with a blaring siren and lights again. :flushed:

Make sure your device type has the “both” command. If it doesn’t it needs to be added. This one may work for you.

Yeah, I’m already using this device type code (v3).

Please reach out to support, that can take a look at logs and other things for you :slight_smile: