Major bug with Smart Home Monitor and Sirens

Had a weird thing happen today. Upon arrival home (using both an arrival sensor and an android phone together), the garage opened (it was sort of delayed but still ok). This meant that I’m Back ran. Since that ran, it meant that the Smart Home Monitor went into “disarm” status

Yet, when I walked into my front door, one of my sirens went off. I checked the logs and both sirens had “Security/Alert with Sirens sent both command to…” sent to them.

So, first and most importantly, it should not have sent that at all, since we were in “disarm” mode. Why did it fire?

Second, even if it was still armed, the “both” command works for both my fortrezz an my utilitech. “On” commands don’t seem to work for utilitech sirens. So why did only the one siren come on? I think there is still something wrong with utilitech’s device type (Z-wave siren) vs fortrezz’s (SmartAlert Siren).

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@Outcome, several folks are experiencing issues with routines like what you describe. I don’t use it, so I can’t comment on that, but there are discussions in the community. Try a search to see what others are doing, if anything.

I have 2 Utilitech sirens, and to get them to work like the FortrezZ ones I put together a custom device type. Give this a shot:

I have the utilitech sirens. I had to delete and re-add twice. They have worked since then. Unfortunately I have had to disable them due to multiple false alarms from SHM

With the way the routine ran, and the Smart Home Monitor showing disarmed status, I really think the issue must be with SHM and not the routine. There must be some sort of flaw in the SHM smart app coding that allows motion sensors to sometimes still trigger some sirens. But then, it was strange that the utilitech siren didn’t go off even though it said it received the BOTH on command.

I’ll try that custom device type though! Maybe if SHM doesn’t have to send a BOTH command it will fix the problem. I had not had this happen in the last few weeks when I only was using the fortrezz siren (and the standard on command). It was only when I added the utilitech siren and decided to add both sirens to both the siren and the light warnings (which causes the command to be a “Both” on command) that the problem happened.