SHM status in App Disarmed but in IDE it's Armed!

My iOS app shows SHM status as DISARMED even after the Goodbye routine runs, if I manually set it to ARMED after some time goes back to Disarmed but in IDE it shows as Armed!! Also same behavior in Android app, anyone else having similar issue? Not home so can’t test if it’s actually armed or not.


what happens if you log out of the ST app and log back in? does it display correctly?

Just tried that, still displays Disarmed.

You should contact ST support at and have them look into it for you.

check you dont have anything eles infulincing, i accedently added my mortorbike pressence sensor to ‘im home’ so when ever i ran goodby, when the bike sent out a ping it ran im home!

How do you check if presence sensor is added to I’m home’?

It started showing correctly in app on it’s own without me doing anything except manually running I’m Back and Godbye few times.

Now SHM is not arming or disarming based on presence sensors. I’ve got two presence sensors and it’s supposed to disarm if either arrive but doesn’t. Also it’s supposed Arm if everyone leaves and it doesn’t!!

Have you verified that the presence sensors are showing the correct status of present or not present? You may want to post screenshots of your I’m Back and Goodbye routines.

Yes presence sensors are working ok and this problem only started 2 days ago,before that Arming/disarming was automatic as per routines.

I recommend you contact ST support and let them look into this issue.

Tried that for my earlier issue, still no reply. I’ll try again.

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