SHM Delay - unexpected error

I have installed Konnected alarm panels, using SmartThings and Action Tiles.
I’m trying to integrate door alarm delay using SHM Delay. Using Samsung Note 9 and Fire 7 as control panels. When i try to create any profile under SHM Delay (Automation/SmartApps) in get “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error”.

Happens on both devices. Any help out there?

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  1. You must be using the Classic smartapp.
  2. If using Classic try uninstalling and reinstalling Smartapp, and or resave all the settings
  3. If that does not fix it, start the error logging function prior to next attempt, then post the exact error message from the error log.

Thanks for the quick response.
I’m using both Classic and Connect and the same thing happens in both. I did uninstall both apps, reinstalled Classic and it still errors.
I assume you meant to start error logging in the SmartThings app under SHM Delay. I did that but can’t find the log file.

I should also add, same problem with a 4 year old LG tablet with newly installed Classic.
Not sure if it helps, I’m logged in to Samsung account,

Log in at
Click “Live Logging”
run whatever creates the issue
Post the error message(s)

Hope this works.


Maybe this will work.

debug getChildDevices(false), children=1
debug SHM Delay good response OK
debug vchildmindelay: 9999
debug Entered Verify Version. evt data [class:class java.lang.String, bytes:[100, 117, 109, 109, 121, 95, 101, 118, 116], empty:false]

I can’t see your log, only mine.
Kindly take a screen shot then post it, or copy and post the messages from the error log. The messages that were posted do not provide any information I am able to use.
Arn B

I hope this works.


I don’t see any errors in the log.

Let’s try this another way.

Which profile are you attempting to create or update when the error occurs?

On my Sumsung Galaxy Note 9, using SmartThings Classic (happens on both versions), Automation (bottom of screen), SmartApps (top of screen). I select SHM Delay and try to create any of the Profiles or Mode Fix Settings I get the same unexpected error.

I could figure out how to copy jpg to online post. Maybe this will work.


Please send me a private message with your telephone number and a good time to call.

I would like to thank arnb for all his help. He help me figure out what I was missing (my error) and the issue has been resolved.

Not sure how to mark this resolved.

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