SHM bug? (android)

What am i to make of this. My SHM has never needed to alert me to anything, so i always assumed it would work fine if it did… but not sure what to think of this. Is it an alarm? Only thing i have monitored is smoke/co…

And because of the broken app display i have no idea whats happened.

Do i need to rush home to make sure my house isnt on fire?

Weird. Working normally now… as if nothing was ever wrong… (recent events shows nothing also)

…these areNOT the droids i’m looking for…

same issue for me. Mine has been like that for hours. Force Close application…clear data and nothing. So it has to be on Samsung side!:disappointed_relieved:

Just got an update from smartthings status saying theyre aware of an issue with SHM on android and are working on it.

don’t know if you have this Link

but it comes handy sometimes. I notice that they had Mobile App Connectivity as " Degraded Performance"

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Fixed. Sorry for the trouble folks.


Thanks Tyler. Is working now for me :+1: