SHM cannot change siren to more than 3 minutes or start immediately

I has been more than a week now that i am trying to set the SHM responce on the siren to have a duration of 10 minutes or start immediately once the alarm has been triggered with no success. Nomatter what i set the settings to the duration is always 3 minutes and the siren starts sounding after 30 seconds.

Really anoying and very strange that nobody brought this up. Do you guys have the same issue?

Mine seems to save fine

What on earth? I am stuck like this!

This may not be the case but I was reading the specs on my siren the other day (GoControl, don’t have model# handy) and it described what siren options were available. I don’t remember everything but I do remember it saying something like if I set a parameter to “x” and it would either sound for 30 sec, 2 min, or indefinitely. I didn’t actually verify this but assuming it’s accurate as it’s in the docs.

I’m wondering if your siren does not allow immediate sound and 10 minute duration.

Maybe post the siren model # to see what others are experiencing?


I have been using this siren for almost a year now and i was able to change and successfully save these settings so far. This issue started about a week ago.

Sorry, I missed in your OP that this was a recent development.

If it were me, I would still post the model# of the siren in the hopes of finding out if this issue is only with you or a system wide issue with your particular siren.

on ios, they made a UI change for settings up SHM responses a couple weeks ago. I wonder if they did they same on Android and botched something.


ST botch something? Never! :joy:

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It looks like @Automated_House hit the nail on the head. I don’t use SHM in the V3 app but just set it up to test his theory on Android. It keeps reverting to 3min/30sec regardless of what I set it to. It looks like ST botched something in the Android update.

Thats ok i have contacted support and waiting for them to get back to me

I responded to Andreas’ support ticket and will update this thread as well.

I was able to reproduce the issue on Android. This seems to be a UI issue for the Security section of Smart Home Monitor. I verified that after changing the values for siren duration and delay, despite the UI showing the original values, the new values were saved properly. I filed a bug for this but it may require an app update.

There is a similar issue for Leaks where it doesn’t look like a siren has been selected when that value is also saved properly.


Ok thats good to know i guess!

When to you believe the issue will be resolved though?

If it requires an app update, that would likely be in about a month.

Hm thats a bummer…

Hi Andreas,

With the latest app version (1.7.33-26), this should no longer be an issue. Can you confirm? Thanks.

Hello Brad,

Thank you. No the issue has been resolved

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