Create additional security configuration

I want create an additional Security configuration in app, beyond the basic Armed/Away, Armed/Stay and Disarm.

I want use Armed/Stay for overnight when we have some motion and all door sensors activated; and then have a new configuration option for Armed/Dog to be used during the day when the dog has the full use of the house and only the external door sensors are activated. This will hopefully overcome the lack of pet sensitive motion sensors for Z-Wave accessories.

I’ve tried setting up a Custom configuration from the Smart Home Monitor page but it doesn’t allow me to creat an additional Security configuration.

Any advice would be most welcome.

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Use Smart Alarm from the Marketplace instead of SHM. Much more configurable.

You can configure the armed states to use whichever sensors you want with SHM. My Armed Away doesn’t use any motion sensors because of the dog and we have it activated by our Goodbye Routine. My Armed Stay uses contacts and motions and is activated by the Goodnight routine. This works since the dog is in our room at night.

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I use Rule Machine for this currently. I will hopefully soon move to CORE.

The idea is, Night Mode / Arm/Stay, causes rules to trigger in RM and Core perhaps soon, to cause different actions to different inputs. For example… internal motion sensors won’t alarm ever using SHM. However the reaction is diffeent based on mode, etc.

You can do this for as many modes as you wish to create.

Thanks - I’ve just tried Smart Alarm and it seemed to go into a loop before I could complete the set up.

Thanks - We use Armed Stay the same as you do. I just wanted to be able to set 2 options for Armed Away: one where the doing was at home and one when she was away with us.

From the Marketplace? I’d fire off a note to as they should be the first line of support for published SmartApps. If it has a new error due to change in the platform or something, they’ll need to escalate it.

I think the sourcecode for Smart Alarm is still open, so someone might be able to help debug.

I am not familiar with Rule Machine, or CORE. A real newbie to this technology!

Thanks - I’ll give it another try tomorrow and then raise an issue if appropriate.

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Ah, I see. When she is away with you will you need a third group of sensors to be monitored, or will the group from armed - stay work?

I need to add a couple of extra motion sensors when we are away with the dog, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I need to add them manually each time since that is the least used option.