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SHM and Motion Sensor Aggregation?

(Tim) #1

I am curious if anyone has found a way to reduce the number of false alarms being produced by the ST motion sensors. In particular, I would like SHM to trigger notifications/alarms when multiple motion sensors have been triggered instead of just a single one setting off the whole system.

I’ve migrated here from the Iris platform where it was a simple setting to choose. A few of the solutions I have found here may be outdated with the ‘new’ apps?

Thank you!


Sure, there are several different ways to do it, but first we need to know which version of the smartthings hub you have and which version of the mobile app you are using as the options vary somewhat.

(Tim) #3

This setup uses the V3 hub on Firmware 25.27 and I have a combination of the iris V2 motion sensors and the ST IMP6001-MPP01 sensors.

I am using a combination of the old App and the new one (Ver: 1.7.29-66)


OK, will do first thing is you will have to choose which version of the app you want to use for SHM.

There is a feature called “smart home monitor” in the classic app and a feature called “smart home monitor” in the new app but they are completely separate and do not synchronize. For example, you can only dismiss notifications from the SHM in the classic app from the classic app. So you need to pick one or the other to work with as far as SHM.

It will be easier to accomplish what you want as far as multiple motion sensors with the classic app, but they have told us that the classic app will be going away eventually (although they haven’t said when. So your choice.

(Tim) #5

I’ve tried it on both, but would probably prefer to use it on the new App since things are heading in that direction. I do have some experience installing other smart apps and device handlers in the IDE.

Thanks again!