Shelly1 device handler for local


can anyone help me find a devicehandler for the normal shelly1 to rum local

(no fleshing, no clud, no 3. parts - please)

Is that possible ? :slight_smile:

Did you try searching here on the forum? If you can’t find one, then one probably doesn’t exit.

I do find one thing curious though…

I assume you mean no cloud…but if you are installing a custom DTH, the device will only run in the Smartthings cloud. SmartThings isn’t a local only hub. If you are using a custom DTH it is always processed in the cloud so there is no Shelly option that doesn’t involve the cloud in some way shape or form.


There isn’t anything like that what you have asked. You might can find or write a DH for LAN access, but that would be running in the cloud and not locally. If you are searching for locally running switches, then look at the plenty different zigbee and zwave switches (Zooz, Zemismart, etc), or relays (Fibaro, Qubino etc…).