Connecting sensors locally

I have been using SmartThings a little while now and have some local sensors and some that have device handlers and go via the cloud. Silly question and one that has probably been asked before but what would need to be done to connect them locally?

As I understand it, If you use a custom device handler it will run in the cloud. If you use approved devices with ST DTHs they can run locally.

Yes, exactly. My question though is what would need to be done to run them locally? You would obviously need to put the devise handler on the hub somehow.

As a customer, you do not have any way to put device type handlers on the hub. The local DTHs are distributed with the hub firmware which is given to all customers. Instead, we have the option to upload them to our cloud accounts.

So if you have a device that you want to have run locally, you have to choose from the DTHs which are already installed on your hub. These will be the standard stock versions.

There’s no official list of these that I know of, and they keep adding more all the time, but you can start by looking at the ones in the following thread.

Otherwise you just have to pick one, assign it to your device, and then check your cloud account to see if The device is now marked for local operation.

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Yes, I understand this. My question is how to alter the firmware and add the device handler to the hub so that the sensor works locally - what’s stopping me from doing this? I realise it is not intended to be used this way.

Knowledge, but if you fiquire out how to reverse engineer the hub to gain access to the firmware… be sure to post the details here.