Shelly i4 not visible in SmartThings

Hello, folks!

I have a Shelly i4 (scene switches module) that I want to integrate with SmartThings to trigger other devices (e.g. a Sonoff Zigbee relay), already integrated with my SmartThings hub.

I can successfully link the Shelly service/cloud, but the device is not visible in SmartThings.

Any idea about how to debug this issue?

Shelly owns the cloud to cloud integration, so start by contacting their support to see if that device is included in the integration. :thinking:

They do show a smartthings logo on the product description page, so they should offer the integration.

The same here.
Just installed today.
Linked Shelly account.
But the I4 doesn’t want to show up in ST.
@Cristi_Socea did you contact Shelly already?
Best wishes

Any update on this? I’ve got the same issue. Thanks