Shelly Integration/Update Lagging

Has anyone noticed that devices brought in from Shelly Cloud are lagging big time? I have several Shelly devices that used to update within reasonable time in SmartThings, but now take 6+hours??

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Hi @timott

We have 18 Shelly Devices (5 Switches & 11 Plugs; 2 Wireless Door Sensors).

All have been very responsive when operating them from SmartThings over the past 30+ days. As well, we control the Switches using SharpTools (which relies on SmartThings as well).


  1. What Shelly Edge Driver are you running in SmartThings? We’re using Shelly Gen2/3 Device Driver V1.6 from @TAustin Driver Tests Channel.
  2. What version of the Shelly Firmware is loaded on your Devices? We’re running v1.3.0.
  3. Have you tried Power-Cycling them or at least rebooting from the Shelly Cloud App?

The latest version 1.3.0 just came out of Beta a few days ago. We updated without (almost) any issues: I found the best method was to Reboot the Device first, then perform the Firmware Update.

I have the v1.3 firmware on devices and have rebooted all. I don’t understand the Shelly Edge driver you’re talking about, I’m only using SmartThings from my android phone.
Just to clarify, triggering a Shelly device manually from SmartThings happens mostly in real time, scheduled events used to work but not anymore. If triggering a Shelly device from Shelly Cloud, the device status in SmartThings will update maybe 6h later…

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Sounds like you’re integrating the Shelly Devices into SmartThings using the Shelly Service (which is certainly the logical way to go). Maybe the Shelly Cloud is experiencing some issues/slowdowns. Wouldn’t hurt to reach out to Shelly to see if they are having issues.

Pease Confirm:

  1. Open a Shelly Device Card in SmartThings, 3-Dots Menu:
  2. Do you see a “Driver” option ? If so, select it and it will indicate the Edge Driver you’re using.
  3. If not, select Edit, then down at the bottom it will likely indicate that the device is connected through another service.

There is an alternative to using the Shelly Service: You can control the Devices directly/locally within SmartThings with an “Edge Driver”. The Shelly Cloud App continues to operate separately as before.

Here’s a link to @TAustin 's Shelly Drivers.

They work great for us and are very responsive!

Yes it looks like I’m connected thru another service like you mentioned. I will have to further familiarize myself with going with hub and drivers if that’s the case. Thank you very much for the information and insight :+1:

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