Shelly devices - not sending updates

Hi all,

I have started using the Shelly devices over the last year to make certain light fittings behave in a more natural way, they are fantastic devices that work really well on their own and with Smartthings.
Unfortunately about ~4 months ago switch events from the devices stoped being received by Smartthings, previously I would turn on other lights based on the switch event from a Shelly 1.
At the moment the Smartthings app only seems to update the status of a Shelly device when you go into that device in the app.

Is anyone else using these devices and has anyone noticed the same behavior?

I’d really like to find a way to fix this if possible.


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My network is managed by 2 Asus AC-5300 in AI Mode, right now my Shelly 1 who is working perfectly is connected to my main router (where my hassio is connected too) and the shelly 2 (unavailable) is connected to my mesh router. Could this be the problem? The SSID is the same, I can’t guarantee if during the time both were working fine they were both connected to the same router, but if I had to guess I would say no because the distance of the shelly. Anyway, if this is the problem, I might try connect my raspberry (Hassio) to the router where the shelly is getting wi-fi signal.

Did you manage to solve this? im having similiar problems, i need to go into the shelly linked devices and then all statues are correct, but i need to do that all the time to have correct statuses.

I did solve this, ended up contacting Shelly who told me to disconnect and reconnect from Smartthings.
It deletes everything and requires devices to be set up again which is a PITA but it worked.

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Hi Just wanted to tell that this also solved my problem, i deleted the linked shelly account and setup again and everything is working 100% now, recommend before anyone does this to backup (screenshot, write down etc) the automations linked to shelly devices as they are all deleted when shelly account is deleted.