Shelly Devices with ST but WITHOUT edge drivers?

I have a friend who uses the SmartThings app but doesn’t have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub and is adamant against adding one. Also they don’t want to use MQTT or any custom code on either side.

They are trying to figure out which of the Shelly devices work well with the official cloud to cloud integration, but are not getting clear answers from either company.

They use Android devices, but not Galaxy models.

Does anyone have a similar setup and have hands on experience with any of the following Shelly devices in a vanilla cloud to cloud integration?

I have listed the specific advanced features for each device that they would like to be able to use in smartthings

  1. Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer

  1. Shelly RGBW2

RGBW control for color and dimming
Energy monitoring

  1. Shelly Duo Smart bulb

Color temperature adjustment

  1. Shelly motion 2

battery level.

  1. Shelly Door Sensor 2

tilt angle

  1. Shelly flood sensor

  2. Shelly Plus Humidity and Temperature Sensor. They plan to use it mains powered.

Data History

  1. Shelly Nature Gas Sensor
    STHM alert

  2. Shelly 1 UL Relay and Shelly 2PM relay
    Dry contact.
    With attached temperature probe.

  3. Shelly Plus Add On
    Multiple inputs

up to five DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor
Tilt sensor

  1. Shelly Uni

Dry contacts
up to three DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor

  1. Shelly EM with contractor control

This device is designed to separately monitor two 120 V circuits and control a two amp contractor

  1. Shelly Plus Plug US

Energy monitoring

  1. Shelly Button 1

Double click
Triple click
Long hold

  1. Shelly Blu Button

I’ve already told them I’m pretty sure the blu button, number 15, will only work as a parallel means of control for the Shelly Devices, it won’t show up in the smartthings app.

And I think the data history for any of the devices would only be available in the Shelly app.

But other than that, I’m not sure exactly what comes through in the vanilla cloud to cloud integration. So any information Would be helpful. Thanks! :thinking:

Only motion and battery integrate to SmartThings via C2C integration. (it also has a lux sensor)

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