Check out the latest dashboard from, looks and works great.

Details of latest release with transparent tiles and background images here…


Looks very nice!


Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the latest dashboard updates, @kevin!

Edit: We’ve created a dedicated thread for SharpTools where we’ll be posting updates (in addition to our own community):

[RELEASE] Dashboard and Rule Engine!

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Sharing my dashboards’ look here . My wife really loves how it looks on our wall mounted tablet. (And of course she prefers the pretty natural editor pick images over my guitar images, so I can only set the guitar background on my phone dashboard. :rofl: )

Fire HD 10" dashboard

Phone dashboard


How fast do the sensors and switches update on the screen?

It’s fairly instantaneous as it’s all event / push update driven. Here’s a quick recording showing the speed to react.

And keep in mind, this recording is showing the full lifecycle; sending the command through your browser all the way down to the device → the device actually turning on and responding through SmartThings and all the way back to your browser.


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@joshua_lyon Really nice dashboard! Really like the background and transparent tiles…
Is it possible to embed web pages in a tile (iframe)? Would be nice to be able to get a custom weather tile.

And have you considered a one time payment alternative?

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@smedberg Glad you liked :smile:

What type of customization you need for the weather tile? You may want to take a look of the weather widget generator which is very handy to create custom weather image that used by many SharpTools users and you can then add the weather image into the dashboard as media tile.

And here are some more discussion about the weather image sources.

Following on to James’ comment, I’d also be interested in what type of weather integration you’re interested in as we’ve been considering integrating a premium weather integration with custom weather tiles.

As James noted, Weather Widget is popular among SharpTools users - it even has support for transparency as shown in a few of the screenshots above.

And you can configure the ‘On Tap’ action for the media tile to open a webpage of your choice which is really convenient for being able to drill into a weather source of your choice. Here’s an example of it in action:

To answer your original question about embedded pages, yes, it’s on our hitlist. We’ve been surprised that there hasn’t been much demand for it, so we’ve prioritized other popular user requests like calendars, news feeds, background images, etc. :smiley:

We considered other payment approaches and decided on the current approach as it aligns with our cost model (ongoing) and enables us to focus on delivering new features like those popular user requests noted above! Check out the feature release category on the SharpTools community and you’ll see that we are constantly rolling out new features based on community feedback!


Thanks for your quick reply…

Most of the available weather apps I have found don’t have that accurate weather models for me since they (I assume) focus on America.

The iFrame is not just about weather but to be more flexible with content. I would for example like to be able to implement a custom tile to my heating system using their API.

Thanks for the feedback. If you don’t mind me asking, what part of the world are you in?

Have you tried Dark Sky? They aggregate data from a number of different global weather providers.

I can totally understand this and it’s definitely on the hitlist. :slight_smile:

One thing to keep in mind is that more and more websites are starting to block allowing their content to be embedded in other sites. If you’re building a custom page that you want to embed (eg. for controlling your heating system), that won’t be a problem, but it could be hit or miss depending on what weather provider you want to embed.

I would also note that we have some users who have gone so far as to flip the model on its head, putting into an iFrame so they can built custom navigation menus and integrate their own web apps.

Here’s an example that @ahmed24 built. We have an iframe API documented here that allows for fast client-side navigation between your dashboards too. :slight_smile:

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I live in Sweden, I have not tried Dark sky. I mostly use the free API from , the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

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Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, and Label Tiles are just some of the awesome new features available in the latest update!

This update is packed with new features so be sure to check out the linked post for more details!

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We’re posting updates in the main Thread now! Be sure to check out that thread for more details and updates:

[RELEASE] Dashboard and Rule Engine

Here is how you set-up SharpTools on a Fire Tablet so it will sleep and awake with motion and take up the entire screen!


Hi, looks great, can you please help me how to add weather to sharptools? I added a weather tile into my smartthings IDE but its not working and I need help

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Thanks for the reply! The following article covers a few different approaches for weather:

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