[RELEASE] SharpTools.io Dashboard and Rule Engine

We’re excited to announce the SharpTools.io dashboard and Rule Engine!

It’s easy to get started building beautiful dashboards using SharpTools.io… whether you’re looking for an easy way to interact with SmartThings from your phone or build a customized dashboard for a wall mounted tablet, there’s plenty of features you’ll love.

  • Powerful Dashboard Integrations
    A variety of integrations enable you to see what matters to you at a glance: Calendars, News Feeds, Cameras, Media, Weather, and more!

  • Customizations
    Build dashboards that fit your style with beautiful backgrounds, tons of tile customizations, and a variety of customization options

  • Rule Engine: Automation
    Rule Engine is our easy to use visual rule builder that can be used by itself or along with the dashboards to create powerful automations!

  • Start Free, Premium Optional
    Get started with dashboards and Rule Engine for free! Choose to stay on the free tier or optionally unlock premium features

  • iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS, Mac, or PC
    Works with any device with a modern web browser including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and more!




How did SharpTools.io come about?

I was chatting with @jamesguitar3 about the state of the smart home and we wondered why there wasn’t a really feature rich cross-platform solution to view, control, and automate your smart home, so we decided to build it!

Our vision is that a dashboard and Rule Engine that can work together hand-in-hand can make for some really awesome features that aren’t otherwise possible individually (teaser!).

We’ve been busy working hard and officially released SharpTools.io to the public in Jan 2019. We are excited to have had over 6,000 people join us along the way at this point! As active as I’ve been in the SmartThings community over the years, I realized I never posted about SharpTools, so it was time to do so!

Isn’t there a SharpTools Android app?

Yes! I originally built the SharpTools Android app as I had a specific need for Tasker integration and widgets. Since we already had a relationship with SmartThings and the official integration in place, we decided to keep things under the same brand name.

If you’re looking for a good way to view your SharpTools dashboards on your phone/tablet, check out the Add to Homescreen article on our community… or for Android and Fire OS devices checkout Fully Kiosk Browser which is a community favorite.


Congrats Josh for your excellent progress. You are an inspiration for us weekend warriors working on hobby projects like this. Your packaging and polish look awesome. I am also impressed that you snagged an official mention in the Hubitat doc. The ST world is deeply tied to your AT competitor but choice is good so congrats again.


Hello again guys…

I thought I would try out SharpTools just to see what you guys have done over the past year or so. I tried it in the early prototype days so I was overdue to check out the new version. I know you guys know that I have other motives here because I am offering an alternative dashboard option with HousePanel. With that said, after trying out SharpTools, there is a clear difference between a pro product like this and hobby code projects like HP. This is a beautifully crafted product. The ease of install was amazing and the responsiveness was impressive. I still prefer the less sterile look of HP but I think you can even do that with some customization. The rule engine looks quite easy to use… I starting making a simple rule to get the idea. I did notice that door controls for supporting garage doors didn’t show up on the items list. Perhaps there is a work around. Anyway I am impressed and just wanted to say so to the community. The pricing model is interesting. I hope it works for you guys.


Thanks for the kind words!

There’s tons of customization options under the covers! The goal was to ship an approachable product without being overly “opinionated”. The out of the box experience provides a simple UI, but provides tons of customization options to make things fit your own preferences. :smiley:

As long as the garage door implements one of the other supported capabilities, you can authorize it under those and it will act like a normal garage door. For example, most Garage Doors also implement Button, Contact Sensor, or Switch capabilities.

And if your garage doesn’t implement any of those, if it at least implements the ‘Sensor’ or ‘Actuator’ capability, you can always manually authorize it like in this thread:

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Okay - got it. My door control has a momentary and a contact capabilities. Real door capabilities would show status of open, closed, opening, and closing so the workaround will actuate the door but won’t show the status properly. It’s a small point and something to work on in the future I suppose. Besides you have to leave a little something for guys like me to differentiate! LOL!

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Thanks for the message. Garage doors are fully supported in SharpTools.io - as long as you can authorize the device and it reports a garage door capability, it will show up as a garage door in SharpTools allowing you to open it by tapping on the tile and will display icons/colors reflecting the state. :smiley:

Basically, if you authorize a device under any of the capability inputs, SharpTools gets access to all of the capabilities that the device reports.

Here’s a quick video showing it in action including the active state coloring, icons reflecting the status, and the second tile having PIN protection applied to it:

I use garage door tiles and rules extensively in my personal setup. We have a habit of leaving our garage doors open at night, so I have I have two rules to help remind me:

  1. Nightly check at 9:00 PM to make sure doors are locked and garage doors are closed
  2. A rule on each garage door to remind me if I leave it open for more than 30 minutes

Nightly Check

Garage Left Open for 30 minutes


Here’s my first attempt. Great job by Josh and James putting this dashboard product together!


Agreed. The rule to check all doors and reminds me if any left open at night, and the rule to send notification if garage door left open for a while have saved my several times. Simple rules but big security enhancement.

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