Sharper Image Wi-Fi Socket

Target has these wifi sockets packaged for Sharper Image, distributed by MerchSource LLC.
They are on clearance and could get pretty cheap as time goes on.
I am guessing this is some generic wifi switch, does it have any ability to connect to smartthings?
It does not detect. Wondering if there is a way to tell if these speak a language that another device speaks, or how to tell. New to smartthings but willing to learn. thanks!

Thanks for the info. I will get a couple of theses as I have two ST motion sensors that are giving me false alarms no matter where I place them.


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What does the motion sensor false alarm got to do with the wifi socket?

It’s obvious. Since this particular WiFi socket does not communicate with ST or Alexa, it’s a perfect match for the malfunctioning ST motion sensors.


Don’t know what happened last night but when I clicked on the link it took me to an entirely different page. I can’t find the page now. Sorry, my bad

But I love Glen_King’s comment. So true.



What is not stated anywhere is that only 4 can be installed on a network. Spent several hours trying to install the 5th until I called support to be told only 4 will work.

This app does not have an Alexa skill. But if you download the SilentNight app for electric blanket socket you can do the setup and use the Silentnight Alexa skill to connect.