Shared Arlo Cameras

I have a few shared Arlo cameras with full access (I have a second Arlo account due to the 5 camera limitation per base station for free accounts).

  1. ST does not let me add a second Arlo smartapp - is there any alternative for this? (any separate device type/smartapp I could use?)
  2. ST aso does not show shared cameras in the Arlo app, am I missing something?

Unfortunately no. This is a “limitation” in the Arlo implementation. You can only have 1 Arlo account tied to your hub.

I have a similar setup and I’m slowly migrating over to Foscam IP cameras and thinking up other uses for my Arlos. The Foscam cameras are a lot cheaper than the Arlos and have many more options for local recording and such. I wish I had found out about them before I bought all the Arlos, to be honest.

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Can you use Arlo with BlueIris or similar running local. Integrate them that way ?

Nope. Offical statements from both BlueIris and Netgear confirm that. :frowning:

I despise closed systems . Main reason I am replacing all my Canary. Two years is long enough to wait for their promise of an open API and integration. Cloud is a great option, but should not be a requirement to use hardware I paid for and own.

I thought maybe you could connect to the Arlo hub locally, not the cameras directly

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I am not sure what folks were doing for Arlo+ST before the integration was officially introduced. I searched GitHub and the ST community apps list for Arlo devices without success.

Nope. Believe me, I’ve tried A LOT.

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One thing that just occurred to me is Stringify. I believe Stringify will allow you to have multiple Arlo accounts (I haven’t tried it though). Then you could use Stringify flows (integrated with ST) to perform actions upon camera events.

Just a thought.

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