Camera Selection Help for Newbie


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been doing extensive research both in the ST Communities and online. I find that I’m no closer to making a decision on camera selection for my ST deployment. My requirements are:

  1. PoE capable
  2. Capable of “reasonably” detecting motion (about 20-50 feet) and triggering ST events (like turning on porch lights)
  3. IR/Night capable
  4. Outdoor use (weather proof)
  5. Prefer to record to a central server that can allow http access for camera/content viewing, or at least locally with an option to leverage something like Blue Iris.
  6. SmartThings capable.

I’ve seen comments around Blue Iris and Arlo Pro and ArloQ+ cameras, but Arlo Q+ do not appear to be weather proof, and I am not sure if they finally released Arlo Q+ for use with ST.

Can I get recommendations and experiences based on the above criteria? I’m not tied into a particular brand - it’s the feature functionality with ST integration that I’m looking for.

thanks in advance and apologies if this is yet another post in an endless sea of camera opinions.


I was also looking for these options and found this thread and the Foscam seems like a very good option and not too expensive



This could fit the bill. Thanks for the direction! Will report back on my course of action.