Best Security Camera Outdoor/Indoor with Alexa/ST integration


There are so many brands out there, Nest, Arlo, Amazon, Blink etc. What is the best camera ( Wifi and Wired) which works best with Alexa and has ST integration. I have tried few especially Blink but the integration is very poor and there is some serious lag since the traffic is going to Blink Servers and coming back . I have excellent Wifi Coverage 2.4 and 5Ghs at home ( using Unfi WAPs) .

  1. Best Wired Outside?
  2. Best Wifi ( No Wires at all) and any distance limitation.

Lastly would like to avoid any subscription fees if possible in which Blink does come No 1.

I like my Arlo Pro 2 setup. 6 cameras (2 outside, 1 in the garage, 3 in the house) doing double duty as motion sensors at night and when I am away. I generally have to pull them down to recharge them about every two months. Takes a little config, the ArloPilot app and some testing to get them where you want them, but once you have them dialed in, there are pretty solid (and are, I think, the only set that match your #2 requirement of “no wires at all”).

Not sure about the distance limitations. I have the base station in the center of a 2600sq ft two story, and haven’t had any connection problems.

I am another fan or Arlo, it has a wide variety of options depending on your needs. Each with it’s own pro’s and con’s.

The camera to look at are:

  1. Arlo pro 2
  2. Arlo Q
  3. Arlo Pro

Arlo also has one of the best plans with 7 days of motion based recording on up to 5 cameras included with the cameras.

I use Arlo pilot as well. Once configured it has worked wel.

I’m also considering new camera. I have a spot with power outlet, so that’s not an issue. Trying to avoid monthly charges as well.

My question is can I integrate Arlo cameras into the new ST hub without needing a Netgear Arlo base? The official ST site states that the Arlo Wire-free cameras require the Netgear base.

Thanks for the help.

The Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 use a base.

The Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus do not require a base.

The base does add an a few things. Mostel notably they will still record if the internet goes out to a usb attached drive. You also get a siren.

Thanks for the help!