Setup a new Home Network and now have Smartthings Issues

Hey all,

I recently decided to re-do my entire home network and went with Ubiquiti Unifi POE 150w switch and for my Gateway/Router, I am using their USG appliance and have a couple of their Pro Access Points. My USG is plugged in via Ethernet to my ONT (DeMarc). I still have Coaxial running from my ONT into my Tivo Bolt, which now serves as my Moca Bridge.

Previously, I had a Verizon ActionTec Router with an Asus Wireless Access Point plugged in. I cannot remember if my ST Hub was plugged directly into my router or access point but I generally had no ST issues. The Router was plugged into my ONT via Coax only and the router also served as my Moca Bridge for my tv’s and network extenders (I get poor wireless signal in parts of my house and used Moca extenders).

Ever since I redid my network, I have experienced constant lags lights turning on with and missed motion pistons (even though the motion sensors are detecting motion and triggering lights to go on). It seems most of the issues Ive had are zWave devices but I am not 100% sure. There are no unusual errors in my IDE live logging and I’ve done several zwave repairs, but they always fail on a different device. This was the case before as well so I don’t think that is a symptom of an underlying issue. If I go into ST app and turn on a light, sometimes it turns on right away, other times, there is delay. The app often falls out of sync with the actual event.

In my Ubiquiti switch, I have the option of using Manual Link (100mb) for my Smarttthings port instead of Auto-Negotiation and when I try that, my ST hub goes offline. I’ve seen network appliances sometimes not like auto-negotiation. I can also limit the port to Unicast, Broadcast or Multicast Traffic which I haven’t done yet.

I also replaced the entire switch, so I don’t believe we have a hardware issue here.

Everything else on my network seems to be perforiming fine. I am at a complete loss at where this problem lies. Anyone have any clues here?

Light turning on can be a power issue like micro-shuts on your grid.
If you don’t see things in the live-logging when it happens or in the hub log, this should be the sign that nothing from ST triggered that.
If your AP generates perturbation to Z-wave devices, the symptoms would be more irresponsive devices rather than switching-on devices.

Maybe you can have a check with something plugged instead of your lamps like a UPC that would detect power loss. Sometimes they are not long enough to cause a ST hub notification as it is battery powered and it might not be long enough to annoy your router.

Just my 2-cents

Did 2.4g wi-if channel change with your changes? Could be you have a new interference issue introduced by the new frequency.

Thanks and that’s a really valid point. I can’t remember what it was before and according to my UniFi app, my interference is very low. It’s set for auto and both of my ap’s chose channel 1. My hub is zigbee channel 20, so I am going put my ap’s at manual 1 so they don’t bounce to channels 6 and 11 which will have more interference with my zigbee devices.

Also, my Phillips Hue hub is in the same cabinet as my ST hub which was not the case before. I moved the Hue hub to zigbee channel 25 (it was previously 15).

If all you changed was the network then that’s the first place to look. I think the first thing I would do is try to narrow it down by turning things off. Turn off the 2.4Ghz WiFi as a test. See if things improve. If the Ubiquiti is not be reporting interference, it may only report WiFi interference, not other RF sources like Zigbee. Don’t change the auto-negotion settings unless you can configure both ends. in any case you have link up which means its working. Maybe turn off the Hue for a bit see if that has an impact.

I believe this is a case where me moving my ST hub right next to my new AP might be the issue. I have now moved it about 6 feet away and will see if that improves things. It was previously about that far away.

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