Need help with scenario using a motion sensor

I am just getting all the things for ST and have aquired couple of GE smart dimmers and an iris motion sensor from lowes. What i want to setup is, i want certain lights to come on at 20% when motion is detected during certain time. I got this setup w/o an issue but I want to add, only do this if this certain other light isnt already on. Is this possible? If you are thinking IFTTT, it would be if this, then that, UNLESS the other lights are already on. TIA for any help you can provide.

As you noticed, the official features don’t really have an easy way to do this.

Fortunately, you can do it with core. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply. I breifly looked at that but seems complicated. Is there a basic how to guide i can follow?

Yes, that’s all linked from the FAQ. There’s a ton of documentation in the community created wiki. You might also find the following thread helpful: