How do I set that if lights are already on, smart lighting will not dim them to 10% when motion is detected?

I have a motion sensor in the kitchen. The idea is to turn on the lights at 10% at night when I walk late/after bed. I have the built in smart lighting app set to turn on lights at 10% if motion is detected. The problem is if the lights are already on and we are in the kitchen and it sees motion, it dims the to 10%.

Is there a way to have it only execute if the lights are not already on? I.e. if lights are on and motion is detected, do not execute. If lights are off and motion is detected, execute.

There are several ways to do this, but I think at this point Core will be the most straightforward. :sunglasses:

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Is CoRE the answer to Rule Machine?

Edit: ive been out of the SmartThings game for a year. My hub died and the thought of reconnecting and setting up everything was annoying so I gave up. Now I am back trying to learn all over again :slight_smile:

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yes, and does so much more. the best way to setup motion and dim is this way…

have smart lghting just turn on the light if motion. it will always go to the previous dim.
and have smart lighting turn off the lights

or setup core to turn off the lights if complex
also a rule to set the dim for different times of the day or settings

Yes, rule machine was withdrawn a few months ago and core has been developed since. It actually does much more than rule machine did. :sunglasses:

The following might also be of use if you want to get back up to speed pretty quickly:

CoRE for the win. Rule Machine is dead and no longer supported. CoRE pistons will be able to set your lights like that.