Setting up Two Locations Help

Hi all,

Please excuse me I’m a newbie. But I’m going to set up a second hub at a different location our boat for the winter season. The wifi system at the marina uses a voucher system and I’m going to ultimately use Action tiles. Can you guys give me any direction? I don’t want to get lost on all this new to me Technology.

Thanks BIG TIME in advance for any help.

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Howdy… What do you mean by “wifi… a voucher system”?

The SmartThings Hub requires a wired Ethernet connection, right?

Hi Tgauchat,

I’m going to plug the ST hub via ethernet cable to our router and the router is wifi to the marina’s wifi system that you have to “surf” to a webpage and put in a voucher number then its connected all the time.

I believe the only option is to get a smart enough Router that has an “access point” auto login feature built-in; or possibly a Raspberry Pi, spare Android, or similar little computer that can be scripted to perform this task.

I’m pretty confident such a router exists… Start Googling? If not, then scripting it is likely not a problem.

Does the voucher code change??

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no it doesn’t change codes, only maybe once a year at the most. Once I log it in for the first time, the router I have now it should be fine though. I should only need a smart router with access point if the code changes correct?

No… A “plain old router” might not work, unless you are sure it has the ability to navigate past the WiFi access sign-on web page (even if that page takes a single repeated “voucher code”).

Here’s an example of an (randomly googled) Android App that deals with the login page. You need this sort of functionality, whether it is in the router or in another device on the network.

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This has a bit of useful background information … but not an automated solution…

WOW Thanks for all the help. I don’t mind having to travel to the other site and manually log it back in if it logs out a few times a year. I’m running IOS and Apple products and can’t seem to find any type wifi web login apps. If I have to go that route maybe grab some kind of Android piece and hang it off the Ethernet hub?

Yup… I hope that works.

That type of Hotspot shared wifi system is just not designed to stay connected unattended, unfortunately.

But these days, stuff can be hacked together with enough creativity, research and patient.