Can you Program the Smartthings Hub to automatically connect to wifi?

Hi all, really new here but I did try to search the community before posting.

The problem I’m running into is my Hub drops off wifi randomly sometimes (I think my service provider changes something) and I can only get it to reconnect by resetting it and connecting with my phone on the smartthings app.

My question: next time I connect it, can I upload a program (a SmartApp?) into the hub with the wifi parameters (name/password) and get it to automatically try reconnecting once every few minutes in the event that it gets booted off?

does that make sense? seems like it would be possible.

One kicker is my wifi login has a splash page where you have to click the “connect to internet” button on the redirect browser.

At the present time all custom code runs in the cloud. Customers do not have permission to upload things to the hub itself. So unfortunately that’s not an option. Your hub has to be connected to the Internet before it can access custom smartapps. :disappointed_relieved:

Ah crumb, that makes total sense. I’m not sure I can do anything to fix my situation then.

Thanks for the super fast response!

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