Bali motorized roller shades


I just got my Bali motorized roller shades. I was able to pair them to SmartThings without issue but it involved unpairing the remote that came with it as part of the process according to SmartThings.

I’m trying to figure out how to set the upper and lower limit of the shade with SmartThings but there doesn’t seem to be a way. The only way that I’ve seen is by using the remote but I can’t since it’s no longer paired. I tried re-pairing the remote, adjusting the limits, then pairing it back with SmartThings but that apparently resets the limits back to factory as well.

Anyone have any clue how to set the limits without the remote?

You don’t.

You pair the remote to the smart things network then to the shade, then follow the instructions on how to set the limits.

I don’t know if your instructions included the instructions to pair the remote to ST, but Bali are just another brand of Springs Window Fashion shades, also known as Graeber… has extensive documentation on thier ZWave roller shades on thier site which include full instructions on how to pair a Springs window fashion remote to ST and then to the blind.

I followed thier instructions for setup on my bank of 6 blinds and followed them again about 8 months later when I factory reset them after applying new firmware. The instructions worked fine both times… What was the wrong?

You can also program remote on ST. Then the shade will work with both with remote and ST.

Is there a way to have bali blinds without remote since I’m planning to control it only over my phone?