Setting Response Delay in SmartThings

I managed successfully to set a response delay timer of 30 seconds before Armed (Away) was set thereby allowing me sufficient time to exit before an intrusion alert was triggered. I then connected a siren, which works OK according to the settings but now the delay timer does not work meaning that using the exit door is now triggering an intrusion alert. Here are the settings:

Any suggestions?

My understanding is that the ‘response delay’ is the interval between an intrusion being detected and the response, intended to give you a chance to dismiss the intrusion. Then the ‘delay before alert’ is the interval between the response being triggered and the alerts happening.

I don’t think there is a built in arming delay.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen some suggestions about using virtual switches. I’ll investigate that option

Did I get right, the intrusion cannot be automatically dismissed eg by changing it to stay or disarmed. I have same settings as OP and if I select after coming into house from away to stay intrusion will be still detected after 30 sec and siren will alert. What I am missing? Should I create extra routine:if stay or disarmed then siren off, this seems to be silly