STHM Alarm Exit Delay?

How can I create an exit timer for when Smartthings Home Monitor is set to Away?

As soon as I arm my system and exit the house the alarm kicks in 30 seconds after…

Little bit hacky but you could try the following:

  1. Setup a virtual switch for your security ON/OFF
  2. Tie the STHM armed/disarmed state to that switch via two routines
  3. Have your arm button flip that virtual switch after a time delay

It would be nice if the STHM control allowed for a time delay, but I think it will need to hide behind a switch.

In order to be able to control the SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) from ActionTiles I had to create 3 virtual switches. One from STHM Away, one for STHM Stay and one for STHM Disarm.

Each switches are tied to the SmartThings Home Monitor.

This way when I click on Armed in ActionTiles it’s automatically setting STHM to Away, Disarm to STHM Disarm and Stay to STHM Stay…

So if I get you right, I should modify this to add a 30 seconds in the switch routine for Away.

I’ve been utilizing various conditions to arm my system. All presence sensors away? Armed. Front door opens then locks with no motion detected inside within X minutes? Armed. Things like that. With appropriate wait time built in. And it has worked.

It should not be dependent on us remembering to arm the system on the way out the door.

I finally found a way by using a combination of webcore piston script and automation in ST.

In webcore I created a very small script to say IF my “virtual switch stay” is ON, then wait 20 seconds and set location to AWAY.

Then in ST I have an automation routine that say IF location is AWAY, then set STHM to Away.

Seems to be working tthis way. A bit hacky, but it works and I’ll be able to use my wall-mounted tablet near the door for arming/disarming system.