STHM Set Response - Difference between "Responses - Delay before start" and "Response Delay - Delay Time"

I’ve migrated from the Classic to the New app and am unsure what the two timers mentioned above are for in the Home Monitor settings…
The first is “Delay before start” under the Responses setting - is this specific to how soon the sirens will sound?
The second is the “Delay time” under Response Delay - what is this timer for?

I think one is for the siren only and the other is for the response as a whole (push notification, lights, siren, etc.).

I’m trying to comprehend the STHM delay settings too.

Exactly how do ‘both’ delays available in the STHM work together? Under the Sirens section, there is a delay settable to 15, 30, 45, and 1m. Then there’s the Response Delay, Delay Time settable to just 30, and 1m. If I set the Response Delay Time to 30, and the Siren delay to 15, I’m guessing that means the sirens won’t go off until 45 seconds after the intrusion event occurred then?

I would prefer having 5 second intervals, or allowing them to be user customizable. I’m just afraid to use these settings since a lot can happen in 30 seconds.

I actually want to receive the push notification straight away and the siren not to sound for 30 seconds… that way I can turn off the alarm if one of the kids has accidentally set it off by opening the patio door while the alarm in in “stay” mode… if I don’t figure it out soon the wife is going to rip the konnected alarm stuff off the wall!!! :slight_smile:

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Well, I did some testing using another location and some Virtual sensors.

The Response Delay/Delay Time will just delay the STHM from triggering intrusion for the set time. There’s no notification at all until after the set time period has passed.

And, as for the Sound Sirens/Delay Before Alert it’s additive to the Response Delay/Delay Time set. So if the Response Delay/Delay Time is 30 seconds and the Sound Sirens/Delay Before Alert is 15 seconds, then it’s 45 seconds before the sirens will go off. Also, if no Response Delay/Delay Time is not set, but the Sound Sirens/Delay Before Alert is set to 15 seconds, then as expected the STHM will go into intrusion mode immediately, but the sirens won’t sound for 15 seconds. And, STHM did notify that the ‘Siren would sound in 15 seconds’.

It’s crazy! The STHM will notify me of the 15 seconds delay before the sirens would go off, and it will (annoyingly) notify me when I don’t include all my sensors when I arm the system, but there’s NO notification at all when the Response Delay/Delay Time is triggered advising me of the 30 seconds before the STHM goes into intrusion alarm, that’s just wrong.

So, the only way my laymen SmartThings skills can figure out to get a notification during the Response Delay/Delay Time time so I can Disarm before anything happens, is to use the Away Mode (for Armed Away) and the Night Mode (for Armed Stay) so that a SmartApp like Notify Me When could be used and set to send me a notification when somethings happens on various sensors only when the system is in those Modes.