Setting Motion Sensor Actions Via Google Routines?

I would like to activate motion sensors using Google Routines.

For example. On my patio, I don’t want any action from my motion sensors.
When I run my “Goodnight” routine, I want to activate the motion sensor so that it turns lights on when motion is sensed.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

I’m thinking it would be best to use modes and then limit the automation in question to certain modes. For example your Goodnight routine could enable “X” Mode, then your lighting automation can limited to run only in “X” Mode.

Thank you RightHand. Can you tell me more about “Modes”. Thought I was pretty well versed in this. :slight_smile:
Not sure how this would work.

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This was written for Smartthings classic but the principal is the same in both apps.

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Looks like this is going to work.

I created a new SmartThings mode called Bed Mode.
The sensor will only turn the lights on when this mode is active.
Now, in my Google Bed Time Routine, I’ve added “Turn on bed mode”
In my morning routine, I’ve added “Turn on day mode”

Thanks everyone!!

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