How to use security settings while at home

I have additional security settings for night mode, but sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I end up setting off the siren accidentally. Is there a way in which I could have it set so that when I turn on my bedroom light the system would go into the home mode?

Are you using routines when you switch modes? In your SmartThings app, automation, routines, , at the bottom “automatically perform GoodMorning when…”, select “something turns on or off”, select your BedroomLight switch.

I don’t include motion sensors in my SmartHomeMonitor armed-home mode (which I use at night), only door sensors… for your reason of setting off alarm. I use a downstairs motion sensor to disarm the SHM in the morning with my GoodMorning routine (similar to what I have above, except its called “things start happening” for motion sensors and I can put a time on it). So when motion happens between 5am-9am, GoodMorning runs, disarms SHM, set thermostat to 72, change mode to home, turn off Arlo camera switches, send a text to my phone which causes notification beep (so I know it all worked :slight_smile: )

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is it always the same device(s) that are setting off the alert? Is that device(s) essential to the monitoring while in “stay” perhaps if NOT simply excluding that specific device will work and is very simple.
If it is a door or window etc that is “essential” then this obviously won’t work.