Goodnight routine to arm downstairs only?

Hi, I’m hoping somebody can help me.

I am trying to setup a goodnight routine so my down stairs motion, contact and arlo are armed (similar to armed away mode) but my upstairs aren’t armed.

I currently use home (armed) for contact sensors only which beeps when doors and windows open. I want to keep this mode.

I rarely use disarm mode.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!

What device is beeping when your contact sensors open now?

You could create a custom alert in smart home monitor that still sets off your beeping device with the opening of doors/windows.

Then your armed stay mode can be set with your downstairs sensors as you want.

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I’m using the zipato multi siren. I want to keep the home mode as is. I don’t want the siren to sound every time I open a window when in home mode. I also need the downstairs motion sensors and arlo cams to be armed.

I feel like I’m missing something. You say you want to keep “home mode as is.” At the moment that means you’re getting alerts every time your windows open.

But you also say “I don’t want the siren to sound every time I open a window when in home mode.”

First, just a clarification. SmartThings can be set to modes like home, away, night, etc, you can create others too.

Those modes existed before smart home monitor was released. They don’t do anything per se, but routines and other smart apps can make use of them in a variety of ways.

Smart home monitor has alarm states, which can be armed (stay), armed (away) and disarmed. You set in the SHM settings which motion and contact sensors you want to monitor (or not) in each of the armed states. It’s not possible to add or rename any armed states; you get those two, and the disarmed state.

I suspect part of the reason why your question is unclear is that the above terminology isn’t intuitive for new users.

If you want to receive alerts every time your windows and doors open while you’re home, then as I said above, I suggest you create a “custom” alert in SHM settings.

By doing so, you can then also change the settings for your armed (stay) state so that your downstairs sensors are monitored, but your upstairs sensors aren’t.

Basically you can’t have three different “armed” statuses for your system. If I’m still not understanding, feel free to clarify further what you currently have setup and what you want.

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That makes sense, i’ve done what you suggested and it works great!

I am new to this smartthings world. But so far the support on this forum and resolved my issues.

Many Thanks!

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I can tell you it is not intuitive for new users at all. That very thing caused me issues when I first got started. It was compounded by the fact that the first thing I added to ST was the SHM app. That lead me to believe that the States and Modes were all part of just plain old ST.

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