Set mode via location?

I’d like to set the Smart Home Monitor to be Armed (Away) when my phone leaves the complex.

I’m running into two problems.

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any way to connection location to mode.
  2. Location is unreliable; perhaps it required the fine-location (GPS battery drainer mode), but it often seems to have no idea where the phone is.

I have created a routine to arm/disarm the alarm, but still can’t figure out how to trigger it on location.

Thoughts? Thanks.

What mobile OS are you running? (eg. Android or iOS)

Android on HTC M8.


Seems like you could use IFTTT or Tasker to do this…

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Create a virtual momentary switch to use instead of “Android Cam” in that example and use that virtual switch to call a mode change. This thread will probably be useful if these are new concepts: [DEPRECATED] 2015 Voice Assistant Run Routine FAQ--see 2017 FAQ instead

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Isn’t it a simple routine that is triggered when everyone leaves?

Yes, that’s probably it. I hadn’t figured out the “Automatically perform” section under all the things to do. Thank you.

Still need the location to be more reliable, but it’s closer now.

There’s an “Android Location” IFTTT trigger also…

Since you are using Android, you can use Tasker + SharpTools to trigger actions based on things like GPS presence or proximity to a specified WiFi SSID. This gives you a lot more control over how you trigger actions based on your location.

SharpTools is an app I developed which provides Tasker integration and Widgets on Android. It allows you to execute a Phrase (aka. Routine) which could be used to arm/disarm SHM, change a Mode, or control a Thing among other features.

I find all phone geolocation to be just “ok”. It’s very reliable (I use Life360), but it’s not very sensitive. I set a large zone to combat this. I won’t use it for anything safety related (garage door closing, sirens blaring, etc.) for that reason. I use it to set SHM, and then use it’s notifications to check on the house. I also use it to bump the thermostats and save energy.

I would pay for a simple method for wifi presence detection. I don’t find any method that doesn’t involve modifying my router, and I won’t do that. I value my network reliability after having run DD-WRT for a long time and always having to work on it.

I would not say using Tasker is simple by any means. It’s definitely more for the tinkerers, but if you are into that sort of thing, you can get a lot of control over your device.

Using just Tasker, you can detect when you are connected to a WiFi AP or you can even detect just when you are in the presence of your WiFi AP (eg. WiFi can be off and you can still detect it). The same issues with using WiFi alone for detection apply… sometimes your device just might lose it’s connection or not see the WiFi AP for some reason. That’s why I typically recommend some sort of exit delay or backup confirmation for critical events.

Here’s an article I wrote explaining how to use Tasker with WiFi proximity as presence indication in SmartThings:

Alternatively, some people really enjoy using the AutoLocation Tasker plugin which uses the Google Fused Location provider which combines GPS, WiFi, and Cellular location providers… I don’t personally have any GeoLocation profiles setup anymore, but when I did I was using AutoLocation. And for people that prefer manual control, you could setup a widget the manually changes your presence status or even use something like NFC tags to check-in and check-out.

Josh, you are a wealth of information. And while I tinker, and love to do it, I sort of try to be lazy (serious) when programming. The more fun it is, the longer it takes, the less value it has overall, because I have to maintain it.

That being said, you made me want to do this. I have used Tasker many times. Maybe it’s time to reinstall it…

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