Set "home mode" when on wifi

This is a bit of a noob question but im trying to set SM to trigger home mode and away mode when either my presence if detected (using my android phone) or when my phone is connected to Wifi, Not sure where to get about setting that up.

I haven’t done this myself, but I think you can do this with SharpTools and Tasker. @joshua_lyon

You could set a variable to know if you are connect or not to your wifi and then set a profile that says if connected to HOME wifi then execute a Smartthings Mode (Home, Away, etc…)

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If you are using the built-in presence detection and it is reliable enough for you, then you can trigger the modes with the built-in Routines or Rule Machine.

If you just want to trigger the mode change when Wifi is connected, then in Tasker you can:

  1. Setup a State → Net → Wifi Near profile configured with your SSID
  2. In the profile, create an action with Plugins → SharpTools → A Mode and configure it with your desired mode change

If you want a more robust presence indication based on your Wifi connectivity (as a presence device in SmartThings), then you can use Tasker + SharpTools (an app I developed):

+1: can be done with sharp tools and tasker.
Life360 has been mention to work too.
ST alone is flaky on presence sensing; see poll results.

If your router supports something like my smartapp, this works extremely well for me.

Perfect that worked for me.


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