Set Dimmer Settings Without Light Going On


(Shmuel Sashitzky) #1

Is there a way to have a light set that if it’s turned on between Time X and Time Y it will only turn on to let’s say 20% but during Time A and Time B it will turn on to 50% BUT the key is that the lights shouldn’t go on when Time A or Time X comes.

I’ll give an example to explain. I want that the bathroom lights should only turn on to 10% between 12AM and 6AM but if someone turns them on at 7AM it should be 85%. However I don’t want the light to turn on to 10% at 12AM (the reason being that it will stay on until someone turns it off). I only want it to turn on if someone flips the switch.

Any ideas?

(MarkTr) #2
  1. use modes and routines - for instance, a routine that automatically triggers night at 12am, another that sets mode to home at 6am, set mode to away at 8am (or on presence triggers if those work reliably for you), set mode to home at 6pm, etc., adjust to fit your modes / routine.
  2. use smart lighting to define what the switch does with multiple child automations. switch A turns on light B and sets level to 10%, run only in night mode. switch A turns on light B and sets level to 85%, run only in home mode. Switch A turns off light B (no mode restriction). Add other automations for any other modes and repeat for each switch you want to work under this sort of conditions.

(Ron Talley) #3

Do yourself a favor and install webCoRE. You can define all of this in a webCoRE Piston (Rule).

It’s an easy install and a quick learn for the most part. It will be all you need for most of your rules.

Here’s an example with you can import using the import code at the top of the Piston:

Here’s another example of how flexible webCoRE is. No need for special apps for every scenario. Just need to understand the logic of webCoRE and create your own rules:

(Shmuel Sashitzky) #4


I installed webcore. Any advice on where to get the basics?

(Ron Talley) #5

Just think:
If this than that

Must Know:
Triggers are like action verbs…stays, changes, rises, etc.
Conditions are like states…is, changed, was, etc.

You can have as many “If” sections as you like but remember:
Only 1 “trigger” per action…You can have as many conditions as you like.

If you have no triggers, then all conditions act like triggers.

The more you work with it, the better you’ll become.

WebCoRE has it own community as well.

(Shmuel Sashitzky) #6

Got it! Sounds very interesting. Thanks!