Preset dimmer level based on sunrise / sunset?

I’ve been trying to set up some pistons and struggling with this - if I want to set all my lights to, say, 25% regardless of whether they are on or off, is there a way to do this? Ideally I would like my lights to dim at sunset (or have the preset change if they are not on), but then be preset at full brightness for morning use.

I can set the dimmer level the way I want, but the lights all turn on. Is there a way to set the dimmer level without turning the light on? Or a clever workaround?


Try dimming them before you turn them off. When they turn back on they should be at the last tevel that they were at before shutting off.

Depending on how you’re turning them on and off, I would add a condition in the turn-on trigger, i.e. if mode = night then turn on 25%, else turn on 100%. Separately, I guess you could add a piston that triggers at sunset that checks the status of each light and if it’s on, dims it to 25%.

I place my dim levels in global variables and then use the variables to set the dim level on the lights when they are turned on. This way a piston can set the level at any time without turning the lights on.

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Thanks for the insights. The issue I have is that I am using wall dimmers that can be turned on locally. So I need to set them to the level I want them to be at. Turning them on as a scene or from a trigger / switch / etc I could use the global variable. (Which I think I will do, just doesn’t solve this current problem).

Here’s my approach right now, would like to be able to adjust the dimmer without turning the lights on at the same time but this works.

Did you ever get an answer to this? I’m trying to do the same thing with my GE In-Wall Z-Wave Dimmers. I believe you can set the dim State of a Z-Wave Dimmer without having it come on. Not sure of that is something that can be done via WebCore.

You can use the Smart Lighting smartapp to activate scenes at Sunrise/Sunset (with any desired offsets). Just set up your scenes as desired and trigger them with SmartLighting.

No, but I have since switched to HomeSeer for local control so no longer working on this. Sorry.