Sensors not working since firm ware update?

Since the firmware my sensors are not working. Right now nothing is registering, and I’ve rebooted the hub. I’ve also run the zwave repair and nothing happens. Any ideas?

Hey Rob,

If you haven’t already, shoot a note to and we’ll take a look for you. I don’t think any issues you’re seeing would be related to the firmware upgrade.


Have you force closed the app? I have been having sporadic episodes where I open the app and all of my sensors show dashes. The Only way to fix it is to force close the app and sign in again.

I have seen the same issue, things are getting very unreliable and I have to reset the hub at least every other day! It’s getting as bad as X 10!

What I ended up doing was reset each sensor by removing the battery for 10 seconds and then reconnecting it. I agree. This system is very unreliable. The doors were showing as closed, moisture sensors were showing all clear, and no motion was detected. Instead all were disconnected.

There should be some sort of notification when the sensors lose connection.

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