All of my ST sensors and my Sylvania bulbs disconnected

All of my ST sensors and my Sylvania bulbs are offline. I have had issues with the Sylvania bulbs individually dropping out on occasion and I have had to reset 1 or 2 of the sensors in the past. But, this morning ALL of the the ST sensors (multi purpose and motion), and all 3 of the Sylvania bulbs are offline. My Ecobee t-stat and sensor are online, my 7 Keen Smart Vent are online and the Keen Hub (just plugged in to use as a Zigbee repeater) is online.

Of course none of that matters, since the the smart vents use temp and motion from the ST sensors in WebCore to run. Does anyone have any idea what would cause all of the sensors to drop out? Or, more importantly how to get them back online without removing and reinstalling them? I have rebooted the hub (power cord for 10 minutes, and rebooted through the ide)

If I have to remove and reinstall them all, I will have to re-add them to WebCore and fix all of the Pistons that run the all of the vents, lights, and the ceiling fans.

If my wife wakes up overheated in the middle of the night again because the bedroom vents stopped operating, I’m afraid what might happen…

Are you on the new firmware (32.7)?

It appears so. 000.032.00007

try to go into the IDE and for each device click on edit and then update. might have to do it more then once for each device. this is how ive revived a couple of devices on systems after firmware updates.

as a side note, the average house HVAC needs to have at least 6 vents open to operate efficiently. if you try to run the system with say just 2-3 vents only open you are not only not getting the maximum efficiency, but also doing more harm to the blower motor.

Half of my Zigbee devices are offline and I’m still on 031.0004. It started this morning. I have restarted devices but they don’t come back online. Smartthings Devices and Sylvania.

All of the main room vents are open all of the time. (Living, dining, kitchen, office, etc) Our bedroom is closest to the air handler so, I opened the in duct damper that the HVAC guy installed, the vents then modulate based on temp during the day and open fully at night, because Ecobee is using our room’s temp sensor for the set point.

There is a vent in our closet that was always shut (because it would literally be 50 degrees in there during the summer if it was left open.) But, now my wife has a vanity in there so, in the morning when she is getting dressed the vent opens/closes based on the door position and the temp.

Then we have 3 bedrooms that are only occupied if the G-kids are there. So, I have a virtual switch that turns them on to modulate based on temp, if there is motion.

Plus the HVAC has a multispeed fan and normally only runs on low unless it can’t keep up. So, actually the vents shutting down helps the situation, because it is able control the temp in the living room without ramping the fan speed up, unless it is brutally hot outside.

PS. I forgot to say thanks. I will try updating the devices from the IDE.

Awestun, I was able to get the Multipurpose sensors to comeback online, but all of the motion sensors and the Sylvania bulbs are still offline.

Everything just came back online for me. Thanks

I was wrong. The multipurpose sensors no longer say off-line in the app. But, they are not reporting/changing their status or registering any vibration. The last activity is still from 8:21 last night.

I learned a valuable lesson that hopefully will help someone else. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SENSORS AND ACTUATORS FROM ST BEFORE RE-ADDING THEM. After resetting the hub, and trying the things mentioned below, I decided to bite the bullet and re-add all of the offline sensors and vents. But, instead of removing them like before, I just put them in pairing mode and went to add a device, scanned for nearby devices and it pulled them back in with the names like they were before. Therefore, I did not have to rename them and add the back to WebCore. And since they didn’t change in WebCore, I didn’t have to fix the pistons. So, I basically just saved myself HOURS of work…! Sometimes a blind squirrel does find a nut!