All battery-operated sensors offline

I have a ST Hub V2 and a bunch of sensors (mostly water leak sensors), all of which are showing offline. ST support has been abysmal. I have rebooted the hub multiple times. I have changed the battery on the some of the sensors, at which time I am not unable to re-connect to the hub. I have deleted them from the app and am trying to add them back on and the hub does not recognize them. All the relevant LEDs are blinking as expected but the sensor will not connect to the hub. Proximity? I am doing this with the sensor right next to the hub. Today, I discovered something else: a few sensors that show offline are not actually that. For eg: a window and a door sensor show offline but when they are opened I get a notification. I am beginning to think that it’s the hub. But I am at a loss as to what do next.
Thank you for your help.

Are you using a custom device handler? If so, go into the IDE and publish it again.

Brand/model? Device handler used?

I am not using any kind of custom device handler (Don’t know what that is). Just the standard ST hub and app.

All the water leak sensors are from ST and not third party. The older ones (about 5 years old) are Samsung Electronics ST-CEN-MOIS-1/F-WTR-US-2 SmartThings Water Leak Sensor. The newer ones are Samsung GP-U999SJVLCAA.

The garage door opener and the window sensors also shows offline but sends notifications normally.

Also I cannot sign in to my ST web interface. It says I have the wrong PW. The PW is managed with a PW manager so I doubt that. When I ask to reset the PW I get an email saying that a ticket has been opened for me… WTH? Can’ these guys do a simple PW reset?


When you are logging into IDE, are you selecting the Samsung account to login with?

The account/password for iDE would be the same as the Samsung account you use for the app.

I logged into the Samsung account. And I can see all the devices. I can also see the “Offline” ones that show activity 15 minutes back!! (Garage door) And they have been offline for weeks!

Try this, open the IDE -> Click on My Devices -> Click on your device -> Scroll down, click on Edit -> Scroll down -> Click on Update

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For some reason the devices are being allowed to be installed now. I did the exact same procedure earlier today without luck and now they are being installed. I wonder if it has something to do with the possibility that Samsung has got rid of the Smartthings login and there’s only the Samsung Login. Because all this started to behave properly once I signed on to my Samsung account and I had to re-login from my phone app.
But I do have one more problem: A GE In-wall Smart switch has not been functioning at all. I had set it to turn the lights on at a particular time. Now the lights flash and that’s it. It will not respond at the switch nor from the app. I am trying to exclude it and it won’t get excluded either. The app thinks its working fine. The blue blinking light is present which, I read, is indicative of a failed switch. If I am going to replace it with a brand new switch can I just replace it and pair the new switch?

Thanks all for your help

This worked for me. I have 4 door sensors and only 1 was offline. This corrected the issue for me. Thanks!

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I have the same issue but the devices instantly show the status when they change (door opens/closes) but goes back offline during the next checkInterval. Almost like these battery powered devices don’t always report back to save battery and the new device health that’s local isn’t handling them properly.

Be nice if we can turn device health off on certain devices.