Sensor for Jimmy Proof Lock

Not sure if this is the right forum but I have a mini project that I could use some advice on.

I’d like to create an alert for if a Jimmy Proof Lock to see if it’s locked or not. (this is what it is if you aren’t in the know:

I’ve done some forum research for other deadbolts and I think using the Ecolink Door/Window sensor would be optimal since you can wire up external inputs.

Here are some pix of the lock:


As you can see there is just barely enough room below the last cylinder to maybe put something like a pressure sensor. I was originally thinking about putting a micro lever switch but i think that would be too big. Once it’s locked and the cylinder is pushed down into that cavity it can touch something to complete the circuit and send a signal to the attached Ecolink – in theory.


Any advice would be great!

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I measured the lock cylinder and it’s roughly 10mm so perhaps something like this would work? Should fit within the void I would imagine: Would I just have to put that on the Ecolink’s contact sensors? I’d probably drill a hole in the top of the lock then to have the wires come out and right into it.

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@Kal20, here’s what I did for a deadbolt. If you have room inside the lock, like had, a microswitch could be placed and configured to have it trip. I literally used a toothpick glued to the barrel and when it rotated around it closed the switch:

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Thanks. However this is very different than the lock I posted. Did you happen to read the thread or click on the image?

I sure did, pretty easy read and only the first 1/3 of the picture provided a clear view of the lock; hence my reply. Based upon the pictures, and documentation/pictures on the web, you may be able to place a very small micro switch inside the lock and have it tripped closed from the downward action of the silver metal part: (keeping it away from the grease of course)

Thanks. see what you’re saying. The reason why I didn’t include the photos of the locking mechanism is that I was primarily concentrating on using a force pressure sensor in the cavity and relying on the cylinder to push down on it. I originally thought about using a micro switch as you suggest but don’t think there is enough room in there unfortunately ;\

You’d probably know better than I in terms of how small of a switch I’d need – could you enlighten me where to get one? MIght be worth trying. :slight_smile:

Believe it or not I got it from Radio Shack a few years ago, but they’re available on Amazon too. There are many variants and sizes!

Here some tiny ones: (I’d try one of these first since you’ll have many mounting options)

This is similar to what I used:

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