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How about some pictures or videos of your setup? Mine is pretty simple. I have a couple of light switches which turn on the porch lights when it senses motion at the front door. Motion sensor is in the upper left side on the ceiling. I also have a couple of Nest Cams, one outside, one inside and a few Nest Protects.


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Here’s some:


Yea those seem a little too curated, I want to see the dirty yet functional hacks!


@keithcroshaw and @Kvothe,

Ok, how about a re-purposed Ecolink sensor turned into a lock/unlock sensor?


Hey, that’s awesome! Was I talking about something like this in another topic? Because I would like to something like this, mind sharing the device type?

What’s it actually sensing? Since the plate doesn’t rotate, a piece of metal that comes close to the reed switch?

@keithcroshaw Look at the second picture really close. Click on it once and then again to zoom in on it. The microswitch is in a closed position because the rotating shaft for the knob has a toothpick glued to it to trip it. :wink:

Here’s the device type. It needs just a little clean up, but it works the way I need it to do:

OK, here ya go…
Alexa, turn the fireplace on…


@Mike_Maxwell looks like we’ve got the same idea… I like your setup better


Ha, not what I expected!

Gotta improvise when you’re in an apartment!

Here is my unsophisticated doorbell hack.

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@ErnieG How does the doorbell work?

The doorbell itself is a cheap old school button the completes a circuit when pressed. I have it connected the terminals of an Ecolink open/close sensor. When the button is pressed/released it activates the sensor which is registered by ST. I have a tablet running SmartTiles that is in between my kitchen and family room. Using Sharptools and tasker, the tablet receives the button press signal and plays a door chime of my choice (this changes seasonally or with holidays). I also use the Flasher app to flash the lights and I get a Pushbullet notification.



I just ran into this thread and it’s great to see the ‘dirty hacks’ people are doing with ST. I posted this back a couple of months which is my story about getting my MacMini to turn on with a push/pull solenoid connected to a ST switch with a voice command to Alexa. I did have to change saying “TV” to “Television” because “TV” apparently became a reserved word. I now have a short video of the whole thing working. I did edit the video to remove the 30 second boot up time of the Mac Mini. I need to install a SSD card one day!