Wired window & door sensors

I haven’t been on the forums in some time, and was curious if these ever got supported. We are closing on a new construction home next month that is completely wired with contact sensors on every door and window.

Which one’s in particular are you referring to?

This is one way you can support your wired contact sensors.

I’m not sure…they look like just standard magnetic contact sensors with all the wiring dumped in a panel.

Ah so you’re buying a house that’s already hardwired for a security system probably. Hmm I’d probably get an arduino to read all of the digital statuses (statusie?). I think you could get a fortrezz mimo, but you’d need a lot of them to cram in that panel. Look up ST_Anything great project that makes arduino approachable. If you go that way let me know if you have any problems with the libraries in the project, arduino libraries can be confusing.

I was also thinking about adding one of these Z-Wave Monoprice Door sensors

And wire it to the external contacts of this Door and Window sensor with a set of door contacts wired in series at my old alarm panel. (disconnecting the wires from my alarm panel. ie: disable the alarm panel) and possibly add a second one wired to all my windows. Wouldn’t this work?

Any door sensor with contacts for preexisting wiring will work.