How to tell if an old school deadbolt is locked

Has anyone found a way to tell if a door/deadbolt is locked? It would be nice to get a notification if a door is unlocked when a condition is met…

Are you willing to replace the deadbolt? (Or some solutions slip over the knob) Without some kind of smartlock this is going to be very difficult. :slight_smile:

Some community members have done this with a contact sensor and a microswitch. You can either use a sensor based on the position of the deadbolt on the door or embed one into the door jam so you can tell when the bolt is extended. :sunglasses:

You can see discussion of these ideas in the following thread. The thread is old, but the same concepts would apply.

Home made door lock sensor

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Thanks so much!!!

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I would be willing to replace it. I only want something that can detect the state of the deadbolt/lock. I don’t want something that can lock or unlock the deadbolt/lock.

btw, you can buy those ecolink door/window contact sensors that what external contacts on the inside of the sensor for 1/3-1/2 of the full retail cost.

where? Link please :slight_smile:

here is one example. note that these are regular zwave, but still have the internal contacts.

thanks so much!!

i can find some good deals on used sensors on ebay.

ive even had sellers throw in extras when buying a lot (mix) of sensors.