Sensitivity on Aqara vibration sensor

Hello again people,

I have another issue and hope that you can help me.
I purchased a aqara vibration sensor with the ideea to put it on entry door so that when a person knock on the door to trigger a light anywhere in the house.
I have used various versions of device handlers from bspranger, but the sensitivity of the sensor is too low. It needs to punch the door rather than knock to register vibration. And for now i have no setting to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Do you have any ideea how can i put it to medium or high?

I have the same question about adjusting the sensitivity to high. I saw 3 developers say they’d make it user adjustable, they are long gone. If I’m not mistaken I think even @orangebucket threatened to have a go once. There must be a reason it hasn’t been done.

Got it. Thank you for the answer. So i asume that i can throw it in the bin. For me it’s useless. I can’t find a purpose for it.

All my Aqara drivers were based on code that already existed in the ‘bspranger’ handlers. All I ever really did was make it work better in the new app and strip out some of what I considered the unnecessary bits (last updated values, battery change dates etc). I never used the vibration sensor and so never really got to grips with it and never finished it.

I remember there was code for a custom accelsensitivity attribute that cycled through different values. However there was said to be no way to read the current value and I don’t think I could tell whether it had done anything myself as I just didn’t have a feel for the device. I vaguely recall being in a dialogue with another community member about it. This is the code I had.

def changesensitivity()
	logger( 'changesensitivity', 'info', '' )
	state.sensitivity = ( state.sensitivity < 3 ) ? state.sensitivity + 1 : 1
	def attrvalue = [ 0,   0x15,  0x0B,    0x01   ]
	def leveltext = [ '', 'Low', 'Medium', 'High' ]

	// Hopefully this is the correct format.  Rumour has it that reading the attribute doesn't work so as it isn't
    // being processed anyway there is no point trying here.
	sendHubCommand( zigbee.writeAttribute( 0x0000, 0xFF0D, 0x20, attrvalue[ state.sensitivity ], [ mfgCode: 0x115F ] ) )
    sendEvent(name: "accelsensitivity", value: leveltext[ state.sensitivity ] )
    // This is deliberately written with the logger here to avoid returning the Zigbee commands - the method
    // is not always used as a command method.
    logger( 'changesensitivity', 'debug', "${leveltext[ state.sensitivity ]}" )

My Zigbee knowledge is superficial and the Zigbee bits above were inherited. Make of them what you will.

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I think there is a technical reason why it couldn’t be done. But I really like the device, it’s very sturdy, never dropped off the network, and the tiny battery lasted 23 months.