Xiaomi Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensor w/ default device handler?

I just received my Xiami Aqara sensor in the mail and in 2 minutes had it connect to smartthings. Right off the bat without any custom device handlers it is showing temp, humidty and pressure.

Everything I have read says I need custom device handlers. Am I missing something or are they no longer required?

If you go into the ide page what does it show for the device handler?

That certainly looks like a custom handler. Last event and battery changed tile aren’t normal design for default SmartThings handlers.

I do have the custom device handler installed, I guess the device selected it itself? I am new to this.

Yup. If the handler is installed and the fingerprint in it is correct, the device will automatically pick it up when it pairs.

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Thank you.

How fast does it update?
Is it battery operated?
Does it allow you to update the reporting interval?

It only updates if the temp changes by at least 0.5 degrees Celsius, or the humidity changes by some set percentage (something in the 5-10% range based on various reports).

Yes, it is battery operated (CR2032 battery IIRC).

No, there’s no way to change the reporting interval.

I’ve just set up one of these devices. I have one very minor criticism, more a cosmetic issue. The pressure is reported under “recently” in Mbar rather than mbar. Strictly speaking Mbar means megabar, which is a billion times more than mbar or millibar, or a million times normal atmospheric pressure.