Sensibo Smart Air Conditioner

They just started a campaign on indiegogo, looks like they have an API kit available with access to some interesting features:

I created a Sensibo integration, this is including a Service Manager to communicate with Sensibo servers and a SmartApp to manager your Sensibo Pod at home using SmartThings.

My projects can be found here:

Hi, I’m trying to set up your Device Type but can’t figure how. I’ve uncomented request for API key but I don’t see you to use it in the app…

These is nothing to uncomment in code, you need both the device type AND the smartapp. The smartapp called Sensibo (Connect) will ask you the api key and which Sensibo pod to connect to when you run it.


1- create a device type, copy my code (create from code)
2- save
3- create a smartapp, copy my other code (create from code)
4- save
5-in Smartthing app, connect to new device - SmartApps - my apps and select Sensibo (Connect)

Also be sure you create both(smartapp and device type) with the option “From code” because the name of the device type is really important.

thanks for setting this up Burtalboy.

I have sensibo connect all setup… per your instructions.

The pods are recognised in smartthings. but they just show a big 0 in grey at the top of the device. (when looking at device detail). and only seem to be reporting humidity (under recently).

also, pressing the sensibo icon in the device type that says On does nothing.

I can control my pods through the sensibo app. I must be doing something wrong?

I installed from code etc and didn’t change anything… and entered my api key in (and my pods showup).

Any ideas?