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Is there a way for me to access the code for the Smartthings Sensibo integration? It is about 50% functional and I would like to continue from there.



Hi, there!
Do you mean this integration?

If so, it was shared by the Community Developer, there are the corresponding links to it.

Or you installed the device from the SmartThings app? I see there’s an option available for an Air purifier


I am working with the Smartthings App, Air Purifier. It needs a few more capabilities and it could work. Can it be shared?

I see…Sorry, in this case, it’s not possible because they are not using a DTH which is found in this Public repository.
Instead, they are using a Cloud to Cloud integration, which means Sensibo is the one that hosts its functionality, we don’t have access to that part either.
In this kind of integration, things work based on requests made between ST and Sensibo, SmartThings only checks the requests are made correctly and the configuration they defined is functional.
If you want to add more features to this integration, you should contact Sensibo's customer support.

But, if you know how to access those devices (eg. If it’s Wi-Fi, manufacturers sometimes expose an API for you to make requests manually). In this case, you can share more details so I can give you some suggestions. :+1:

Hi Nayelyz

  1. The Sensibo Device should be an “Air Conditioner” not “Air Purifier”. I suspect this has something to do with the completeness of the integrations for those devices in Smartthings.

  2. The Sensiblo Device should have a humidity reading available as a sensor, especially since many mini-split AC’s have a Dry Mode.

  3. The Device should have a “Set Heating Setpoint Capability” in addition to the “Set Cooling Setpoint Capability”.

I have started a project in the Smartthings Developer Portal, but have not been able to see my project in “test mode” when I published it. I don’t know why.



What kind of project?
Make sure you:

  • Deployed to test the project
  • In the SmartThings app, you need to enable the developer mode to see the option of “my testing devices”

About the details you mention:

  1. The category depends on how the partner submitted the publish request of the integration (they select the category in that step)
  2. and 3. If those measures are missing is because the partner didn’t include them in the device profile

As those things depend on the partner requests, in case they want to update the integration, they should make a new Publish Request and contact us.

Found it! it was showing up in a way that I did not notice at first, under “My Testing Devices”. I was looking for a smartapp.

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