Hisense Air Conditioning Integration with SmartThings Hub

Hello everyone, I have portable air conditioning from Hisense, with connectivity via the manufacturer’s Connect Life app Wi-Fi. Do we have any integration or drive for this brand?

There’s nothing easy or simple.

The folks over in the home assistant community have been going back-and-forth with the hisense manufacturers for about two years. The manufacturer says they are looking at implementing a public API, but after multiple changes of expected delivery date, it’s now not expected before 2025. so that’s the bad news.

The good news is, they did ultimately get a limited home assistant integration set up, so that might be able to act as a model or someone might be able to go through MQTT. But it’s going to be a significant amount of work to get it working with SmartThings.

Here’s their discussion and code if someone wants to take a look at it.

Add integration for Hisense devices using ConnectLife - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community

The long-term good news is that hisense has announced that it is working on matter compatibility, although it’s not clear whether that will only be for new models or for existing models. Fingers crossed on that one, but in any case, it’s not here yet.

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I was told that the Sensibo connects well with the Hisense. Has anyone made this connection to ST using Sensibo?

There is an official cloud to cloud integration for Sensibo, but for whatever reason, the Cielo brand has tended to be more popular in this category. :thinking:

Hopefully if someone is using Sensibo with SmartThings and hisense, they will post.

Here’s the Cielo manufacturer site with the list of hisense remotes that it can work with.


Both Sensibo and Cielo work by sending the same signals to the HVAC unit that the unit’s own remote does. However, the exact features and options available in SmartThings may vary from model to model.

I recently bought Sensibo Sky for my mini split AC, Lennox brand,
and the integration with ST is flawless in my case. I am able to control all functions via ST, the Sensibo app or with Alexa. I am assuming it would work with Hisense as well


Good to know, as soon as I have an opportunity to purchase at a discount, I’ll take advantage and treat myself. Thanks for the return.