Sensibo Pure Air Purifier is on sale for 2 days

The Sensibo Pure Air Purifier works with SmartThings, Alexa, Google and Homekit. Just to clarify, I do not own this product and have not reviewed it… just saw it was on sale so thought I would post it.

The price is cheaper on the Sensibo website but does not include free shipping unless you order multiple but Amazon has free shipping if Prime member.

Very important. The pure is NOT compatible with SmartThings (although listed on the smartthings app). It comes in as an air conditioner and not an air purifier. All of the buttons don’t work except for the power (which doesn’t sync well with their system). See attached for screenshots. I actually started the return process last night.

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As stated, none of the Sensibo products integrate well with Smartthings. A few of us have tried to get improvements to the integration with no success.

I agree. the Sensibo’s show up in smartthings, but the controls aren’t great. I can change temp, but getting different modes is broken. And forget about the purifier, unfortunately, that’s only on or off.